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Just like everyone else I'm in a permanent rush and it's only because it's my job that I actually stop once in a while and take in the moment. Cycling helps, because you are actually in the landscape not staring out at it. This was a frosty morning commute into work and is the road down to Grosmont from Egton. Just finished in time for the weekend....I hope you all have a good one.

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  • chrisgeall

I have to admit I'm really starting to relax and enjoy these Chuffer Chuffers. This time it's Sir Nigel Gresley in black. She has just left the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway and will be sadly missed. This was requested so hopefully I'll do a good enough job and not have to put it out for sale.

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  • chrisgeall

I finished this beauty yesterday and a couple walked in and bought it. With things like that happening, one could get cocky. Back on planet earth this morning, I'm going to get stuck into some smaller paintings and get ready for Christmas.

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