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I finished this beauty yesterday and a couple walked in and bought it. With things like that happening, one could get cocky. Back on planet earth this morning, I'm going to get stuck into some smaller paintings and get ready for Christmas.

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Welcome to the world of Chris Geall and his palette knife oil painting adventure

An introduction to Chris and his work:

Grosmont-based Artist Chris Geall is a self-taught palette knife oil painter who began his creative career as a Potter in 1995 after graduating from The University of Edinburgh with an Engineering degree. Chris began painting professionally in 2001. Although Chris's main creative outlet is his oil paintings, he still creates pots in the dark weeks of Winter.

A majority of Chris's work centres on the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of The North York Moors. He captures the light and pure beauty of the sunrises, sunsets and stormy skies with the thick mark-making techniques of the palette knife. Recently, Chris has taken to painting the famous Steam Engines of The North Yorkshire Moors Railway that shape the history of Grosmont.

One of Chris's large scale palette knife oil paintings, of Whitby Harbour.

The Geall Gallery

You can find Chris and his work at The Geall Gallery in Grosmont, North Yorkshire. Chris first bought the gallery is 1998. He then sold the gallery and bought a space in Whitby, where he worked from 2006-2008. Longing to be back in the peacefulness of the countryside, Chris returned to The Grosmont Gallery in 2011, and re-named it The Geall Gallery (or the Geallery, if you'll pardon the pun.)

He works in an open studio, so you can visit, watch him paint and maybe pick up one of his paintings whilst you're here. He is always happy to talk about his work and career to visitors.

See it for yourself

The Geall Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 9 am-3.30 pm all year round, with just two weeks closed for Christmas.

Chris will author future blog posts, so check back weekly to stay updated with his latest work. Or sign-up to become a member of this site.

By Abigail Featherstone

Artist Assistant and Artist in Residence at The Geall Gallery.

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