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I attempted this one last week but ended up scaping it back. I don't always succeed but it is good to be humbled every once in a while. Red is a funny colour and I it's probably the hardest one for me to conquer.

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  • chrisgeall

For once I held back from painting bluebells until they actually came out in the woods surrounding Grosmont. I've been getting lots of lovely comments in the gallery so hopefully someone will be tempted.

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  • chrisgeall

It's been a good month with people starting to make their way out to Grosmont in ever growing numbers. Last year I came into the season with too few small pictures so I've made not to repeat that mistake.

This is Robin Hood's Bay with the sun off to the left. I like the depth of colour in this one but so often the colur gets a little bleached when the sun is overhead.

These two were 30 x 60cm but tgere have been plenty of smaller ones.

Red Robin

Moorland tree

Tate Hill beach

But I did finish the month with a big one.

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